HUD Construction Compliance

Electronic Certified Payroll Submissions & Review

The electronic certified payrolls systems, now required for HUD construction projects, can create headache with certified payroll submissions, review, and compliance monitoring. With trusted, professional labor compliance services, you can free up your office to handle the more essential tasks at-hand during construction.

Manual input services into any eCPR system (including Elation Systems ECSP, LCPtracker, and other compliance reporting systems will give you assurance that the job is done correctly, compliance is maintained, and billing continues to run smoothly.

Section 3 / EEO Reporting

When working a HUD construction project, you must meet the requirements for Section 3, and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and with those requirements are monthly subcontractor, and compiled reports. Once again, you can save time while also ensuring that reports are compliant, timely, and professionally reviewed.

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